Real cash for real gaming

What started out as a casual past time has become a new way of making a living. Many game enthusiasts are now playing in competitive competitions that reward gamers with cash for real.

Pretty soon, gamers will no longer need an expensive gaming PC or console to run high-quality fps games. Instead, they will only need access to a fast internet connection and a visual conduit like a tablet, PC, or mobile device.

This is where Gamesapp steps in with a strong belief that together we can revolutionise the era of mobile gaming and benefit all the profound gamers in the industry.

Gamesapp is the new dawn.

Gamesapp is a social gaming platform where users can connect with friends and people around the world and play their choice of games.

We are a team of game enthusiasts, young and energetic. Gamesapp is the modern way to earn real cash, we wish we had: designed to improve the way people used to play games on mobile.

We’re a group of people who love collaborating to create well-crafted, delightful products. For us, the best part of building a company is taking an idea that everyone believes in and working together to turn that into a reality. That's why we're excited about gamesapp: We're creating a product that helps people earn while playing.

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Be part of our mission.

We’re looking for passionate people to join us. We value flat hierarchies, clear communication, and full ownership and responsibility.

Benefits include

  • Quality-driven environment
  • Competitive compensation and equity package
  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Educational stipend
  • Flexible hours and vacation
  • Parent-friendly company culture
  • Remote-friendly environment
  • Top-of-the-line equipment

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